About the Starting With Success Program

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The Starting with Success program is an endless source of helpful information and materials for student doctors of naturopathic medicine. This didn’t happen overnight. Instead, the program has evolved over the last several decades as the needs of students changed.

Why Starting with Success

NCMIC leaders recognize that students need to learn more about the business and management aspects of practicing. (Understandably, the colleges are focused on the clinical portion than the business perspective of practice.) We want to help fill this void.

In the 1990s, we created a program called Managing Your Practice. At that time, it was an 8-hour program for students, broken into several topics, including business, banking, location, staff, and ethical office procedures. 

Over the years, colleges and universities added more business education. To create something more meaningful that didn’t duplicate the educational institutions’ curricula, we evolved as well. We developed our current Starting with Success program, featuring workshops on campus and support through a variety of web resources.

We are always looking for ways we can help NDs be successful.

Student Programs

NCMIC supports students through a variety of educational programs and school events:

Risk Management Seminars – Students learn how malpractice insurance defends and protects a DC’s reputation. We also cover common mistakes made by established doctors and real-life malpractice cases.

Vendor Days and Homecomings – We enjoy visiting with students whenever we’re on campus for these events.


NCMIC was founded in 1946 to offer malpractice insurance to chiropractors and has been insuring Naturopathic Physicians for over 20 years. Not only does NCMIC offer the best coverage and defense for our insureds, we are also committed to helping NDs in countless other ways. We are proud champions for the entire profession.

We support state and national chiropractic associations, the naturopathic education community, and the entire naturopathic profession. We strive to help all NDs do more.

Learn more about NCMIC (www.ncmic.com).

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